Saturday, June 19, 2010

POP! goes my heart

Here's Jake on the drive to Santa Cruz.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mark video's

here's our budding artist: do we need to be concerned about the violence??

Rock climbing!!!

Mark video

Mothers Day Tea at Marks School

wearing my new necklace that mark made for me!

happy Anniversary!

such a cutie
Loves: his brothers, eating (gets so excited his hands shake when he sees food coming), playing with balls, balloons and pulling all the books off the book case.

One of Ryans first feedings

this boy can sleep ANYWHERE!!!!


His favorite movies: bee movie, lightning mcQueen movie, and the
"new train movie from the library". Favorite color: blue

making vanilla muffins

Random Pics


Sara turns 31!!!!

I had SUCH a wonderful birthday with the people who mean the most to me! MY 5 GUYS!!!! (and my mom!!! first birthday with my mom in a LLLOOOONNNNGGGG time!)
We went to my favorite restaurant, Point Loma Seafoods - YUMMY!!! then walked around the Point Loma Harbor, where Neil proceeded to throw mark into the water ..... JUST KIDDING!, then we stopped at La Jolla and walked around. then we headed home for a delicious and beautiful cake that mark jake and eric made with grandmas help (I didn't make my own birthday cake this year!!!) and decorated all by themselves .... CUTE!

Eric decorated in blue, Jake in yellow, Mark in purple

Picnic at the beach

such a little helper!

mark built a car

Mark made this car, and when Jake sat in it, Mark was actually able to push him!

Soccer and Football

Some pics of Mark playing Football and Jake playing Soccer. (and the fans who watched - or slept through - the games)